How does it work?

You can book in advance or just walk in. The booking in advance can be done either by phone or e-mail. This guarantees your booking! You can also just walk in whenever you are ready, and we will do our best to see to your needs/ wishes at that time. Once you are here we will ask you to sign a waiver.

When all the formalities are taken care of you will be picked up by boat from the pier that is located a couple of steps from our business. Once on the boat you will be informed on safety regulations and how to use the equipment. You will be given life jackets and harnesses according to your body size and weight.

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The life jackets have to be worn during the boat ride as well as during the flight, for your own safety. When the boat is in our flying zone, the first person or couple will be, with their harnesses, attached to the parachute.

The person(s) will be pulled up from the boat into the air to the requested height and spend about 10 minutes up in the air. Depending on your flight of choice you can enjoy a water touch and/ or free fall! Depending on the amount of people, you will spend some time on the boat until everybody on board had their turn. Normally we drop people back off at the pier in Great Bay, but we can make exceptions!

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